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Ally Ann Featuring: Ally Ann
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Ally Ann is greeted by her boyfriend Trent, with a huge Valentines Day basket. Trent persuades her to let him fuck her without a condom since he loves her, and it is Valentines Day. Trent proceeds to make passionate love to his sexy, 18 year old girl. The two of them have sex like only real-life love birds can, and Trent fucks her tender, teenage twat with a reckless force. Trent can only take so much of her sweet slit, and soon shoots a stream of his sperm deep inside Ally. Poor teenage Ally surely does NOT want a baby, so she storms off to handle her problem.

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Alyssa Hall Featuring: Alyssa Hall
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Alyssa is hanging out at the pool with her boyfriend Alex. They are making out when he tells her he forgot to bring condoms. Alex promises Alyssa Hall he will be very careful and make sure that he pulls out. After a few minutes of cock sucking, Alyssa rides Alex's big cock. The look on her fresh face shows that she is really into fucking him. Her passionate pleas to be fucked harder are so sincere that you will wish you were the one banging this sexy 19 year old. Young Alyssa freaks out when he comes in her, as she is NOT on any birth control. She jumps in the pool and does her best to clean the cum out.

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Ashli Orion Featuring: Ashli Orion
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Quirky Ashli Orion is naked and skipping through the wilderness with her boyfriend. After a while she gets all horny and is upset she left her birth control at home. After his continuous nagging, Ashli gives in to her boyfriend. Ashli made her man pinky promise not to cum inside her, it would really upset her parents if she were to get pregnant. Eager to be fucked outdoors, young Ashli gets on her hands and knees and begs to have her tight snatch rammed hard. Ashli is super careful and laps up her mans juices as they switch positions. Ashli squeals with delight and plays with her clit as her man gets on top of her and really slams deep inside of her. As he’s about to cum, Ashli reminds her boyfriend to pull out. Unable to control himself, the dumb fuck blows his load deep inside of Ashli. Distressed, Ashli screams that she will never fuck him again and rushes to rinse her pussy in the pond.

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