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Gina Lynn Featuring: Gina Lynn
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Just back home from her tennis lessons, slutty housewife Gina Lynn is confronted by her pool boy. Apparently she is two months behind on her dues. Since pool boys dont take credit cards, Gina offers up her juicy pussy. Unable to resist, the pool boy follows Gina inside to collect his earnings. Gina spreads her legs and lets the pool boy check her PH. Dripping wet and craving cock, Gina climbs up on the pool table and tells the pool boy that he can fuck her as long as he promises not to cum inside of her because he is significantly darker than her husband. Uh oh. He promises not to and dives deep into Ginas cunt. Eager to impress his boss, the pool boy pumps in and out of Gina thoroughly, making sure to hit every spot. Even after several warnings, the pool boy couldnt help but creampie the bitch; he just had to get his two months worth of Reward Pussy.

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